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Westbury Diagnostics, Inc is proud to announce that the Practical Handbook of Microbiology, Third Edition was released on June 4, 2015. The nearly 1100 page book contains 51 chapters, and was written to provide basic knowledge and practical information about working with microorganisms, in a clear and concise form. Although of use to anyone interested in the subject matter, the book was intended to especially benefit two emerging groups of microbiologists: people trained as microbiologists that are highly specialized in working with one specific area of microbiology; and people that have been trained in other disciplines, and use microorganisms as simply another tool or “chemical reagent. New to the Third Edition was a chapter entitled “The Business of Microbiology” intended for investors in the Industry.

The Practical Handbook was again published by CRC Press, who are renowned for their nearly 100 years of publishing books in life science, medicine, pharmaceutical science, food science, environmental science, forensic science, engineering, business, technology, mathematics, and statistics.

Dr. Lorrence H. Green, President Westbury Diagnostics, co-edited the book and also personally authored three of the chapters, and co-authored two others.

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