We Are Your R&D Department

Independent Research

Our trained staff of scientists can design and conduct experiments to provide answers to any research questions that you might have about your products.
  • Susceptibility testing
  • Product stability
  • Improving efficiency of QC testing
  • Effects of agents upon your products
  • Antimicrobial preservative effectiveness

Product Development

We have the expertise to help you revitalize your current product development cycle, as well as to develop any products that you might be considering.
  • Feasibility studies
  • Scale-up studies
  • Manufacturing directions written according to cGMP’s
  • Troubleshooting

Line Extensions

We canĀ  take a product from your current line and develop it for other applications.
  • Adding additional claims to your already approved products
  • Applying your methodology to other related areas

Clinical Trials

Westbury has agreements with a network of hospitals in the NYC Metropolitan area. We can arrange to have your products tested. This service can include:
  • Drafting protocols
  • Analyzing and interpreting data
  • Writing reports
  • Filing necessary 510(k) or PMA forms with FDA

Due Diligence Studies for Venture Capital Groups

  • Rapid evaluations of product prototypes
  • Evaluating product for performance, ease of use, and functionality
  • Testing in “real life” situations
  • Analyzing market
  • Suggesting, if required, product improvements

Westbury Diagnostics, Inc. is a full service organization which works with clients to generate solutions to problems in the bioscience industry. We specialize in unique niche projects that require a broad range of abilities under a single roof. We help identify issues or conflicts in your project, formulate solutions and develop them in house. Our clients seek custom R&D work, due diligence, or FDA guidance in the bioscience and venture capital sectors.

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