May 2011

Pathogens in the Blood Meeting at the New York Academy of Sciences

On March 29, 2011 several members of the Westbury team were present at the New York Academy of Sciences headquarters at 7 World Trade Center in New York City to attend a meeting entitled “Pathogens in the Blood”. Westbury Diagnostics, Inc President, Dr. Lorrence Green, co-organized the meeting with Dr. Jennifer Henry, Director Life Sciences of The New York Academy of Sciences. The Academy is one of the oldest scientific organizations in the United States. Founded in 1817 the Academy has brought together extraordinary people working at the frontiers of discovery and promoted vital links between science and society. Famous members have included Presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe, Thomas Edison, Louis Pasteur, Charles Darwin, Margaret Mead, and Albert Einstein.

The meeting began with opening remarks by Dr. Henry and Dr. Green. Both organizers thanked the speakers for agreeing to share their knowledge, and both acknowledged the role of the NY Academy of Sciences for providing the forum. Dr. Green’s said that the Academy had published his first paper many years ago and praised it as, “an Academy of Sciences… in the ancient Greek tradition; where scientists of all stripes came to discuss their specific areas of study, and where other scientists, such as I, not in their field, came and just learned about things they were generally curious about.”

During the course of the meeting, the audience heard world experts present information about strategies to prevent the transmission of infectious disease, and the risks of acquiring an infectious disease, through transfusion, past, present and future; molecular methods of hunting for microorganisms and strategies for the detection of XMRV in blood; facing new challenges to a safe blood supply and protecting the blood supply from emerging pathogens (see full list of distinguished speakers here).

In addition to the audience attending the meeting in New York City, a world wide audience was able to watch the meeting online. The Internet audience also submitted several questions throughout the day. Each of the talks led to animated discussions about the information that had been presented. These discussions were so enthusiastic, that they continued on for more than an hour after the meeting had ended.

In the next two months, the New York Academy of Sciences will be making edited versions of the video streamed presentations available at their website. At that time Westbury Diagnostics, Inc will establish a link to those videos.

Dr. Lorrence Green presents his opening remarks

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