Published Patent Applications

Disinfecting teat care compositions

Patent Application: 20060280810

The present invention relates to novel compositions which are used to produce nitrous acid, in preferred aspects such compositions comprise a protic acid and a metal nitrite, and to methods for using these compositions, in particular for disinfecting mammalian teat skin.

Long-acting disinfecting nitrous acid compositions and related processes

Patent Application: 20040180015

The invention relates to long-acting nitrous acid compositions that disinfect inanimate surfaces and animal tissues, and that can be used to treat diseases and wounds. Compositions of the invention are single-phase, metastable nitrous acid solutions that exhibit enhanced germicidal efficacy and can have an effective lifetime exceeding several years. Compositions of the invention have a wide variety of applications that include, but are not limited to, teat dips, oral rinses, instrument sterilization, and disinfection of food.

Method and vaccine for the prevention of AIDS

Patent Application: 20040043033

The present invention is directed to a method of inducing the body to produce an antibody against the region of the CCR5 receptor in wild type individuals, that is affected by the delta 32 deletion and vaccines for producing said antibody. The antibody is produced is by treating the individual using a vaccine consisting of a polypeptide and its derivatives.

Disinfecting nitrous acid compositions and process for using the same

Patent Application: 20030175362
Application Filed: Jan. 7, 2002

The present invention relates generally to compositions and methods for the use of nitrous acid solutions to disinfect inanimate surfaces and animal tissues, and to treat diseases and wounds. More specifically, the invention deals with the partial and selected conversion of nitrite ion to nitrous acid in order to optimize the germicidal efficacy and duration of the nitrous acid consistent with the nature of the intended application.

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