As a result of corporate restructuring and downsizing, a manufacturer of in vitro diagnostic devices found itself with a familiar problem. It was in the midst of conducting a critical and time dependent multifaceted line extension project, when the company was “downsized”. As a result, it did not have the R&D resources required to analyze data that was being obtained in the ongoing study.
The analysis was critical, because the data was required to plan for additional, extensive lab work, required for the final product approval. Westbury Diagnostics, Inc. was contacted and asked to submit a proposal for both the data analyses, and the lab work. An in depth proposal itemizing the project in a step by step fashion was drafted, completed, and sent off within one week.
The company decided to pursue the project, but informed Westbury that they could not approve funding of a project that large, until the next fiscal year (six months later). Realizing the time and monetary constraints that the potential client was under, Westbury took the initiative to put together a second proposal to perform the data analysis portion of the study quickly, and inexpensively. In doing this, data from those facets of the study that were found to require no further work were able to be put into a final package, that could be sent off for review. The company was able to convert time that would have been wasted, waiting for endless approvals, into time that was used positively to move the project forward.

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