April, 2017

Westbury Diagnostics has taken an active role in the Long Island Advancement of Small Business (LIASB) in the six years that we have been members. Unlike many of the larger trade organizations that have an outreach to small businesses, the only focus of the LIASB is small business. The group has increased its membership in leaps and bounds over the past few years.  While headlines and pundits have merely declared the importance of small businesses in an economic recovery, the LIASB has taken action. It is a group that has given small business a forum to gather, discuss problems and solutions, and effectively use the power of its combined strength.

As stated on the LIASB website, more than half of Long Island employees work for small business. From our Nation’s founding, small businesses have been the source of growth and innovation. They have created a flourishing middle class, and have supplied cities and small towns with new products and jobs. The LIASB provides monthly educational meetings for small businesses. In recent months members have heard from industry experts with practical advice on how to increase your sales, how to optimize your website to search engines, and also how to sell your product or service to the government. Westbury Diagnostics proudly sponsored the April 19, 2017 meeting entitled “15 minutes in the Sun.”

Westbury Diagnostics, Inc. is a full service organization which works with clients to generate solutions to problems in the bioscience industry. We specialize in unique niche projects that require a broad range of abilities under a single roof. We help identify issues or conflicts in your project, formulate solutions and develop them in house. Our clients seek custom R&D work, due diligence, or FDA guidance in the bioscience and venture capital sectors.

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