January 25, 2010

Westbury Diagnostics, Inc is happy to announce that as a result of encouragement from our clients we are expanding our abilities in due diligence and FDA guidance as well as in business development. To accomplish this we are happy to announce that Warren Pearlson has joined our organization as a Senior Consultant.

Warren brings over 25 years of experience in project management and business development in the Pharmaceutical and Bioscience Industry to our team. In his career he has worked with small startup companies to develop business plans and business strategies, as well as with major pharmaceutical companies to manage various phases of clinical trials. Warren’s expertise will allow us to offer our clients not only the unique scientific studies we have been performing, but also to help them with an increased capacity to offer practical assistance in business and product development.

During Westbury Diagnostics’ sixteen year history we have performed a wide variety of unique niche projects for many companies. With Warren as part of our team we are going to be able to expand our abilities to be more than a contract R&D group, we will also be able to help many more of our clients get their products into the market, and develop their full potential.

For more information, please email us at consulting@westburydiagnostics.com

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Westbury Diagnostics, Inc. is a full service organization which works with clients to generate solutions to problems in the bioscience industry. We specialize in unique niche projects that require a broad range of abilities under a single roof. We help identify issues or conflicts in your project, formulate solutions and develop them in house. Our clients seek custom R&D work, due diligence, or FDA guidance in the bioscience and venture capital sectors.

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