Westbury Diagnostics, Inc is proud to announce that Dr. Lorrence H. Green will be the Co- Director of the 2021 Fundamentals of the Bioscience Industry Program. The program is run in conjunction with at the Stony Brook University Center for Biotechnology and is targeted toward students at the graduate level seeking to move into non-academic industry careers. Also targeted are life science professionals seeking to enhance their productivity and opportunity for success in the corporate environment.

His entertaining lectures based on real life experiences entitled, “Observations of an Entrepreneur” has been updated this year to include an “eleventh” career observation. Some of the lectures will also include guest speakers, such as John Hill, President of John A. Hill and Associates, and author of the book, “Tips and Tales from the Booth”.

More information can be obtained at the Stony Brook University, Fundamentals of the Bioscience Program website.

June 9, 2021

Westbury Diagnostics has taken an active role in the Long Island Advancement of Small Business (LIASB) during the nine years that we have been members. Unlike many of the larger trade organizations that have an outreach to small businesses, the only focus of the LIASB is small business. The group has increased its membership in leaps and bounds over the past few years.  While headlines and pundits have merely declared the importance of small businesses in an economic recovery, the LIASB has taken action. It is a group that has given small business a forum to gather, discuss problems and solutions, and effectively use the power of its combined strength.

As stated on the LIASB website, more than half of Long Island employees work for small business. From our Nation’s founding, small businesses have been the source of growth and innovation. They have created a flourishing middle class, and have supplied cities and small towns with new products and jobs. The LIASB provides monthly educational meetings for small businesses. In recent months members have heard from industry experts with practical advice on how to increase your sales, how to optimize your website to search engines, and also how to sell your product or service to the government. Westbury Diagnostics proudly sponsored the June 9, 2021 meeting.

Westbury Diagnostics, Inc. is pleased to announce the recent completion of a study examining the antimicrobial effectiveness of Super Lube Multipurpose Grease with Syncolon (PTFE) ® manufactured by Super Lube. Our resulting bacterial test report, published on Super-Lube’s website, shows that the synthetic oil is 99% bacteriostatic after one day and 100% bacteriocidal after 7 days.

Link to Antimicrobial Test Report published by Super Lube

Westbury Diagnostics, Inc is proud to support the Long Island Works Coalition in its time of need. The Coaltion has done a wonderful job of exposing Long Island’s young people to professionals that can help guide their careers. In addition to a cash donation, Westbury Diagnostics was a participant in the 2009 Jobs Fair.

Top Ten Reasons to Contribute $10 to LI Works

(All LI Works programs are region-wide) 

10.  600 businesses attended seminars to create internship programs and have helped grow their own skilled workforce.

 9.    2,000 Parent Conference attendees are helping their kids with career direction and advice 

8.    400 Middle school students attended the interactive SMART EXPO, learning how science, math, art, reading & technology are used in careers daily 

7.    Superintendent –College President Partnership – forum to address mutual areas of interest for academic excellence has created forums on academic honesty 

6.    2009 Recipient of Ford Motor Company Fund National Award for creating Next Generation Learning Communities 

5.    School/Business Advisory Boards in 70 school districts- structured partnerships to enhance 21st century skills 

4.    9 Career Academy districts – National effort, teaching academic subjects using industry examples, making learning more relevant for high school      students 

3.    500,000 Career Island magazines distributed, guiding students in career paths and educational planning  

2.    16,000 college students & 2,600 businesses attended Internship/Job Fairs and registered on our web based database 

1.    YOU Can Fight With Us To Keep LI Works Working For Our Community 


With DEEP APPRECIATION and THANKS for your Support in this critical time


“Our Heroes”


 Chairperson - $5,000 Plus

The Turan Family Foundation 

 Bethpage Federal Credit Union

National Grid 

CEO - $2,500 Plus

Northville Industries

EGC Group, Inc.

 Manager - $51 - $500

APEX Counseling LCSW PC

Mark Anderson

Nancy Armstrong

Long Island Science – Peggy Sutherland

John Loonam

Westbury Diagnostics - Lorrence Green

   Intern - $1 - $50

Allison Smith

R&D gun for hire

Long Island Business News
July 19, 2002

Lorrence Green is known for inventing Long Island’s first biotechnology product, a test kit for measuring streptococcus antibodies. Since 1981, Dr. Green has developed over 40 tests currently used by clinics and hospitals to detect microbes. In March 1999, Green moved Westbury into the Long Island Forum for Technology’s incubator at SUNY Farmingdale and has been there ever since. His invaluable experience in the microbiology sector of diagnostics has led him to commercialize and patent multiple biotech products. In addition, Westbury Diagnostics has a proven track record of outsourcing clinical trials and succesful FDA submissions.

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LI drug firm set to brush up on sales

Long Island Business News
December 1, 2000

Frontier Pharmaceuticals hires Westbury Diagnostics to test DioxiBrite - a plaque and bacteria killing toothpaste. The active compound was screened against strep, staph, E. Coli, and yeast. Most toothpastes work by physically removing plaque, the sticky substance on teeth, made up of bits of food, in which the bacteria live. Frontier’s brand, DioxiBrite, actually kills them. Only Colgate-Palmolive has a similar product, Colgate Total, using the antibiotic Tryclosan. “We are better on plaque and just as good on gingivitis,” Frontier says. The findings were reported at the Annual Society for Microbiology.

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Long Island entrepreneur runs successful research and development

Long Island Business News

July 19, 2002

Westbury Diagnostics commercializes Long Island’s first biotechnolgy product. Microbiologist, Lorrence Green developed over 40 test kits used at hospitals and cliics at Analytab. Spearheads a test for measuring streptococcus antibodies that cause rheumatic fever which become quickly patented. In March 1999, Green launches Westbury Diagnostics and moves into the Long Island Forum for Technology’s incubator at SUNY Farmingdale and has been there ever since.

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4th Annual Life Science Industry Career Development Conference

CUNY Graduate Center

New York, NY

Lorrence Green, Ph.D. elected to discuss his career perspectives on the bioscience industry as President of Westbury Diagnostis Inc.

Business Development as a Career– Three Very Different Perspectives
Panel Chair: Jeff Yablon, Principal, Yablon Management Consulting, Founder and COO PharmaScan Clinical Trials LLC
Lorrence Green, Ph.D., President, Westbury Diagnostics Inc
Richard Purcell, President, Clinpro, Inc.
Gary Shangold, MD., CEO, NovaDel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

2007 Life Science Summit

Melville, NY

Lorrence Green, Ph.D. President, Westbury Diagnostics Inc. was selected to moderate the Bioscience Professional Development Track of 2007 Life Science Summit.

Life Science Summit homepage

BioProfessional Development: Laboratory Management

• John Jarres, Assistant Laboratory Director, Scientific and Laboratory Services Pall Life Sciences
• Edward Chan, M.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, Stony Brook University

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