“The Purification of Acetylcholinesterase from the Fruit Fly, Drosophila melanogaster, and How it Inspired Me to Pursue a Career in Industry”

October 22, 2010

Biology Seminar Series Hofstra University

Approximately 50 students and faculty members of the Hofstra University Biology Department listened to Dr. Green discuss the academic research which he performed at both Indiana  and Harvard Universities. The talk, complete with slides of thousands of decapitated fruit fly heads (shown below) described how this experience provided important training that allowed him to pursue a lucrative career in the Bioscience Industry. This is something he encouraged the audience to consider as a career path. He told the audience not to think of themselves as people trained in using hi-tech protocols or instruments, in specialized areas; but to consider themselves as general problem solvers.

“Academic research is all about trying to solve mysteries created by Nature. Running a business is all about trying to solve mysteries created by people. Problems created by Nature are much harder to solve. Once you’ve been trained to solve the problems created by Nature, the problems created by people will seem easy. Think of yourselves as problem solvers before you think of yourselves as technicians. We live in a country where the number of problems way exceeds the number of problem solvers.”

Following the talk a lively question and answer session followed.

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