Do you have an antibody that needs manufacturing?

Let Westbury Diagnostics do it the right way.

Cell Line Storage. Westbury can provide safe off site storage for your monoclonal antibody producing or other cell lines. Cells are stored in liquid nitrogen and are available to you with 24 hours notice.

Cell Line Expansion. Westbury can grow your cell lines in whatever media or containers you request, and provide them to you for use.

Monoclonal Antibody Production. Westbury can grow monoclonal antibody producing cells for you, purify them, and then test them for activity and purity.

Sell your monoclonal antibodies through Westbury Diagnostics. The company is always on the lookout for laboratories that have monoclonal antibody producing cell lines that may have commercial value. In partnership with our distributor, we will license your cell lines, produce the antibodies, test them, distribute them, and most importantly; pay you a royalty. If you believe that you have an antibody that other laboratories might be interested in purchasing, contact us.

Westbury Diagnostics, Inc. is a full service organization which works with clients to generate solutions to problems in the bioscience industry. We specialize in unique niche projects that require a broad range of abilities under a single roof. We help identify issues or conflicts in your project, formulate solutions and develop them in house. Our clients seek custom R&D work, due diligence, or FDA guidance in the bioscience and venture capital sectors.

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